Moments of the past

Moments like these are what the fair is all about.  Going through old photographs of the Mid-South Fair, we came across one of our favorites.  We love to see how much fun kids can possibly have, and we love it even more when we imagine we had a hand in it.  Children, families, and friends leaving work, school, and home to come out and enjoy themselves at the fair.  Be it with rides, food, or exhibits, people always had and will continue to have a good time.  And what parents wouldn’t love to see their children’s faces light up like these.  The Scrambler may not be around anymore, but we will have plenty of other entertainment for the young ones, the old ones, and everyone in between.


Mid-South Memories

At the Mid-South Fair, we are all about creating memories.  After hours of going through boxes of old pictures, we’ve picked out some of our favorites.  We’ll be posting them throughout the next few months.  But we’re also calling on YOU!  Because without you, the fair could not take place year after year.  So if you have any great Mid-South Fair memories, stories, or pictures, share them with us and let your friends know.  We’d love to see what you can find!

Here’s one of our favorites:

This photo was taken in the early 90s. Here is the classic water gun game, still a fair favorite among the kids.

Start spreading the news

According to our facebook page, some people might still be unsure about when, where, or even if the Mid-South Fair will be taking place this year.  We want to assure all our friends and visitors that the fair will be taking place as usual.  This year, as in the recent past years you can join us at the Landers Center (formerly DeSoto Civic Center) in Southaven, MS, just a quick drive from Memphis.  So quick, in fact, that you can get there from downtown faster than you can make it out to Germantown.  The Fair will take place from September 21 to 30, and will include various live acts and competitions, plenty of food vendors, and rides and games for kids, young and old.  We’re also bringing in a few more activities this year to make the experience what it has been in the past.

So come join us this September 21 through 30 in welcoming the Mid-South Fair the way we have in the past.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Recognize the roof??? Yep, that’s the Landers Center. You can spot us from Interstate 55.